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Virus Activities

SIMCommander Enterprise Edition

SIMCommander Enterprise is a Security Event Management software platform, which is designed for enterprises and government organizations to centrally monitor and manage their security infrastructure.

SIMCommander collects, normalizes, correlates and visualizes security events/logs data from disparate security and network devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus, routers, systems and applications. Then, SIMCommander will automatically transform those collected logs data into meaningful and actionable information. Through the ease of use graphical user interface, all logs/events will be prioritized and visualized to a single console for security operators or administrators can be effectively to identify and response to critical attacks. SIMCommander helps enterprise to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximizes the return on the current security investments. Thus, enterprises can free up more resources from traditional security operations to revenue-generation business initiatives.



Real-time Holistic Monitoring

SIMCommander provides the real-time holistic view on overall security infrastructure within the organization. It helps security team to easily identify where the security threat occurred and which business assets are being attacked.



Incident Analysis

SIMCommander classifies all events into different types of Attack, Service and Event. After the massage of events by SIMCommander, different roles within a corporation can look at the SIMCommander by different angle C security, network, infrastructure, system, business. Hence, SIMCommander can take care of different levels of people in the organization and visualize the relevant information in their preference flow, i.e. from network point of view to security point of view or business point of view.


Comprehensive Reporting

SIMCommander comes with over 300 different kinds of report templates including Real-time reports, Management reports, Administrator reports, and Alert Statistics reports to target different level of audiences within the organization. SIMCommander reporting capability also allows administrators to generate customized reports, or create new report templates.



Advanced Correlation Engine

SIMCommander uses hybrid correlation techniques to achieve high accuracy rate to identify true attacks. Hybrid correlation means a combination of correlation techniques, some are performing in real time and others use historical data. There is no single event correlation technique to fulfill all scenarios and conditions. Each technique is suitable to detect one or several scenarios. Hence, SIMCommander hybrid correlation techniques can increase the number of scenarios coverage and increase the probability of real attack identification by combing several correlation results.


SIMCommander Customer Portal

SIMCommander Portal is a web-based interface that allows the customer to monitor, query security events and generate security reports. SIMCommander Portal displays security dashboard, analysis security events, generates and schedules security reports, and query Knowledgebase contents. SIMCommander Portal is displayed in a browser and is separated from the SIMCommander Management Console.


SIMCommander Incident Management Module (IMM)

After incident identification, the next step is the incident response and handling. SIMCommander Incident Management Module (IMM) is used to track incident records. Security managers can audit the incident handling process and the status of incidents through the SIMCommander IMM.


SIMCommander Supported Devices


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