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Virus Activities

SIMCommander K-SOC

SIMCommander K-SOC, the industry's leading AntiVirus management solution platform, allows enterprises and services providers to enhance AntiVirus monitoring and reporting capabilities. K-SOC consolidates AntiVirus events from multiple AntiVirus applications into one single database and display in a single console for easy management.

K-SOC is a revolution software for proactively virus outbreak prevention & containment for enterprise of all sizes. K-SOC unique Intelligent technology can help enterprise to rapidly and accurately pinpoint which computers are spreading the virus from a graphical map or network diagram, automatic draw the virus infection path from the source (1st computer got infected) to the destination (last computer with virus stop) and standardize and streamline the outbreak management process of identifying and responding to virus threats to meet the industry best-practice frameworks such as ITIL, ISO, SOX and internal audit requirements (KPI).  



Key Features and Benefits:

  • Abnormal Behavior Detection

    • Designed for "zero-hour" malware detection based on behavioral analysis

    • Using state-of-the-art advanced technology for virus outbreak prevention

  • 5-minute Outbreak Containment

    • Enable virus outbreak management efficiency and effectively

    • Minimize the virus outbreak impact to reduce the loss of productivity, financial and reputation of the company

  • Virus Infection Path for Root-cause Analysis

    • llustrate the origin of virus outbreak to find the root cause

  • Total Holistic View

    • Lower the TCO to examine virus re-infection

    • Reduce the complexity to manage multiple AntiVirus vendors

  • Virtual Security Professionals

    • Function as a virtual 24x7x365 of security staff to monitor policy violations and improve overall security posture

  • Enterprise Web Portal Enterprise

    • Web Portal allows users to access security posture anywhere and anytime

  • Compliance Automation

    • Precise compliance information to meet regulatory and internal audit requirements automatically

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