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Virus Activities


SIMCommander K-SOC

SIMCommander K-SOC, the industry's leading AntiVirus management solution platform, allows enterprises and services providers to enhance AntiVirus monitoring and reporting capabilities. K-SOC consolidates AntiVirus events from multiple AntiVirus applications into one single database and display in a single console for easy management.

SIMCommander K-SOC Analyzer

SIMCommander K-SOC Analyzer is a cost-effective analysis and reporting tool which provides real-time monitoring and alerting functionalities as well as generates easy-to-understand reports.

SIMCommander Enterprise Edition

SIMCommander Enterprise is a Security Event Management software platform, which is designed for enterprises and government organizations to centrally monitor and manage their security infrastructure.

SIMCommander MSSP

SIMCommander Services Provider is a software platform which is designed to meet the demands of services providers who require a fast provisioning and centralized security information management solution to offer managed security services to their customers.

SIMCommander Enterprise Logger Appliance

SIMCommander Enterprise Logger (SIMC-EL) is a log management solution that helps organization to deal with large volumes of computergenerated log messages (also known as audit records, audit trails, event-logs, etc.). The SIMC-EL covers log collection, centralized aggregation, long-term retention, log search, as well as NTP server. Some additional features such as web portal authentication and reporting are provided as optional modules.

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