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Virus Activities

SIMCommander K-SOC Analyzer

Nowadays, most of computers have Antivirus applications installed. However those AntiVirus applications only have limited functions and features on “Reporting” and “Proactive Alerting” areas. That’s why users still have the following concerns:

  • Why computers getting reinfected by viruses again and again?

  • How to protect against new virus?

  • How many computers are using outdated AntiVirus client version or virus pattern files?

  • Which computer first infected by virus?

  • How to discover other computers infected by the same virus?

  • How can I take action proactively?

  • Missing real-time AntiVirus information for analysis.

  • Missing meaningful and actionable reports.


SIMCommander K-SOC Analyzer is an easy-of-use AntiVirus reporting and analysis software that enhances AntiVirus application in reporting & proactive alerting capabilities plus turns AntiVirus events/logs into “Actionable and Meaningful” information.

The efficacy of K-SOC Analyzer is to provide daily monitoring for enterprises to ensure conformity with up-to-date antivirus version, antivirus pattern file and the computer with antivirus protection.


Key Benefits:
  • Automatic visualize and report virus activities in your network

  • Monitor antivirus client version and virus pattern file proactively

  • Proactively notify user in real-time when abnormal situation occurred

  • Easily identify the first computer infected by the virus and the infection path with the same virus

  • Rich report types and actionable reports that enable you to take immediate actions

  • Compliance reports helps to address the complex demands of compliance standards into a single solution

  • Advanced Reports include historical data comparison for easy to forecast the trends and make decision

  • Generate and customize reports as simple as 3-click

  • Enhance the value of AntiVirus applications


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